Some of our first ever meetings took place in a coffee shop, so we thought it only right that we returned to our favourite spot to re-fuel for what is going to be a creative year. Adison & Lee- our Co-Founders, and Jordan- Our Operations & Production Manager made Yorks Cafe, Birmingham their studio for the day and worked up the plan for P&Co moving forward. P&Co our story, birmingham based brand After a bit too much coffee, a tonne of free thinking & original sketches we think we've got a pretty solid outlook on 2020.

There're gonna be some big but exciting changes that we can't wait to share with you. Keep scrolling for a bit of insight from Adison & Lee.
P&Co brand built in coffee shops What have been your highlights from last year & the year so far?
Adison: For me it was the release of the 'Waxed Wayfare Jacket', launching our women's Instagram channel (@pandco_women) & being at loads more events. Although seeing the amazing reception to our leather goods coming back, particularly our new wallet, was good to see!

Lee: Last year was all about pushing ourselves with the quality of our clothing and growing into new categories. I've had some items that I've wanted to make with the brand from day one. I'm inspired by rugged workwear and heritage items so to finally create our Waxed Wayfare jacket was a really proud moment for me. Not only being able to make it but to make it to an amazing standard was a great feeling. I'd say that was definitely my favourite piece from the year. I think that piece really sets the standard and the direction of the brand going forward.

Womenswear was also a highlight of mine. It's been a huge passion project for me. It's taken us 6 years to get the men's side of the brand to where we want it to be. It's been 6 years of building strong factory relations and some serious hard work from all of us here. We managed to build the Womenswear side of the business within 6 months so I personally feel very proud of everyone involved to bring awesome women's pieces to the site! P&Co About us, planning in a coffee shop What work is already going on behind the scenes?
Adison: I've been working with the marketing team to ensure there is more consistency in what we do- be it an email, social post or the website.We're working to make everything look more 'P&Co' so it matches the level of detail we put into our products. Aside from that I'm also working on a much wider marketing plan that sees P&Co really take a step into events on a global level, as well as setting up some incredible partnerships for 2020!

Lee: We're always really driven in our studio. We're currently working on the collections for the end of this year. We don't work to traditional 2 years ahead in development and design as we don't wholesale. This means we can take our time with our product to make sure that each piece is perfect. We don't cut corners. We want to make sure you guys are as happy with your clothes as we are.

We're also really pushing our Womenswear, thinking about new pieces and general direction. I'm really pleased with what the team is designing and producing at the moment. I can't wait to show you all! Jordan from P&co in a meeting P&Co going over designs in a coffee shop Are there any products you're particularly excited about releasing?
Adison: Don't know if I can say this yet but the Selvedge Denim Jacket for sure. I'm going to be living in our Spring collection, literally love very item.

Lee: I'm really excited to be releasing some new denim pieces this year. It's our return to denim so we're doing things right with all new patterns for jeans and jackets. We've got all new finishes and details; no stone has been left unturned. We're also working some selvedge items into the range that are well and truly items to be proud of. Being a bit of a 'denim head' it's a really exciting time for me in the brand.

Adison rudall from P&Co in a coffee shop Birmingham brand design process from a coffee shop Any projects you're excited about this year?
Adison: I'm excited to work on improving our whole customer experience from online to door. Really want to ensure our customers get the best.

Lee: I just love the cold and working with layers. We're going to be introducing some awesome heritage fabrics along with a lot of workwear influence. For me Autumn & Winter is where we can get very creative and create some truly heirloom quality items. P&Co a birmingham based brand designing Birmingham brand meeting in a coffee shop Finally, what're your goals for the year ahead?
Adison: Easy. It's more of a mantra than a goal, and in 4 words, I can speak for the entire company... Think Free, Live Free.

Lee: Personal: I'm about to become a Dad so I'm really focused on being the best father I can be. I'm excited to build a family instead of clothes for a change.

Work: I'm really focused on learning about our customers. You guys allow us to be in the best job ever so I'm very focused on delivering a brand that inspires our customers on a deeper level than just another brand who sells clothes. I want to build something at the brand that runs deep, something that our customers have an emotional connection to. The Trio of creatives from birmingahms P&Co Lee Timms, creative director at P&Co