Meet the women who are doing what they love, not what they're told.

Georgie has used her voice on the radio to bring together like-minded women & to give them a platform to express themselves. There really couldn't be a better ambassador for our 'Do What You Love, Not What You're Told Campaign', which we launched to celebrate our global community of women, but also encourage others to do whatever makes them feel free & embrace their differences.

P&Co: Introduce yourself, who is Georgie Rogers?

Georgie: I'm a broadcaster and music journalist with BBC Radio 6 Music and also a presenter, DJ and voiceover artist, which means collaborating with lots of great creative brands. I get a kick out of discovery. Nothing was more of a thrill than sneaking up to London as a teenager to see a new band or DJ for the first time in Camden or Fabric nightclub. When I started to interview bands at XFM in 2007 and then at 6 Music soon after, it lit the fire and everything up to that point made sense, my life-long fascination with the radio and wonder for music. Building connections with the artists I loved and as my career developed showcasing their work by playing them on the radio quickly turned into my dream job. Fast forward a decade, I guess I'm still about that rush whether it's doing board sports, exploring a new country, riding motorbikes or more recently making short-films. P&Co: Aside from the DJing, presenting and music journalism, you have also co-created a video series celebrating female 'trailblazers', tell us more!

Georgie: Just over a year ago I started the Super Women platform with a filmmaker friend Alice Smith. I wanted to do a series about trailblazing women because the bike world had opened me up to people like Elspeth Beard, the first British woman to motorcycle around the world, an award-winning architect and author of Lone Rider. I was so inspired by her story and that of several other pioneers in my orbit, not just in music but also motorsports, politics and tech. For us, it was important to give something back through the process. We wanted to make sure we were offering practical filmmaking opportunities to women so we assembled a team, got sponsorship and filmed the first series, which launched in May. It's just about telling great stories, so we are working behind the scenes on developing more docu-film ideas and getting together some training weekends for aspiring female filmmakers while we continue to roll out the rest of the first series. P&Co: Have you ever faced any challenges as a woman in the radio industry?

Georgie: Of course! It's a given that all women in the creative industries face challenges. Music radio is still imbalanced when you break it down across major UK stations. Things are changing though with Lauren Laverne (BBC 6 Music) and Zoe Ball (BBC Radio 2) doing well on major breakfast shows and their growing listener figures proving that there's a demand for a more gender balanced schedule. However, you only have to look at the running orders on several established music stations and the reality is that out of a possible 8 or 9 slots per day between Monday to Friday - often only two shows are anchored by women! There's no shortage of female broadcasting talent so there's definitely room for improvement when it comes to gender parity. I think internet radio stations like NTS, Worldwide FM, Rinse and two that I broadcast on Soho Radio and Foundation FM are now playing a key role in showcasing diversity and new talent. I've been fortunate in my career to be nurtured and given opportunities to grow during my time broadcasting on 6 Music, XFM and Virgin Radio, but it's great that these new platforms exist to give the next generation of presenters and DJs the opportunities to be wild horses on the airwaves. P&Co: Why do you think it is important to highlight women doing what they love & not what they're told?

Georgie: Growing up, I never really had a feeling that I was limited in any way by my gender. I have two really strong matriarchs in my mum and grandmother (shout out Barbara Jean/Nonnie - she's 94!) to look up to and had a lot of freedom from my parents who weren't overbearing and left me to decide on my career path. Loving it is what has kept me committed to the dream throughout the highs and the lows. I had a pretty savage injury smashing my knee cap into many pieces a few years ago but I was so determined for it not to change my outlook that as soon as I could walk again I said 'yes' to everything and then got my first motorbike. Most people would have told me that was a really terrible idea! A sense of freedom to make my own choices and trust my instincts has infiltrated every part of my life from my work, to riding, travelling and learning new things. People will make snap assumptions and try to put you in a box but that's bad vibes so forget them. Just do what you love and do it as much as you can.
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Georgie Rogers: @georgierogers
Photographer: Adam P Mane

Georgie is a 28" Waist, 36" Bust, 37" hips & is wearing a size 16 in the'Wild Days Overalls' & a size 16 in the 'In Caffeine & Gasoline We Trust Long Sleeve'.

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