Godspeed Behind The Scenes
Dresden, Germany

P&Co has taken us to some amazing places & we’ve worked with a ton of great people along the way. Last week we headed to Dresden, Germany, where we met up with custom bike builders Hookie Co. to shoot our new ‘Godspeed’ Capsule Collection.

To wish someone ‘godspeed’ is to wish them well at the start of their journey, and with that concept of ‘the journey’ and ‘the process’ in mind, we decided to create a video documenting our recent trip. We wanted to give you an insight into what goes on behind the scenes, how we capture our iconic imagery & how we build our lifestyle.

Though the beer was good (unlike our German), it was originally the insane architecture- reflected in the detailing of our key ‘Godspeed’ designs, that drew us to shoot in Dresden. That & the fact that it is home to Hookie Co.- a company who we’ve wanted to visit for years! Plus they make cool shit.

It was great to put a face to the name and finally meet the Hookie family, try out their custom builds & shoot some awesome content.

Until next time!

Video: Josh Carroll