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The Postal Jacket

If you’ve followed the brand for a while, you’ll know that many of our pieces are heavily inspired by vintage workwear & ‘50s-’60s Americana. While we see our role as being the provider of good quality clothing for the contemporary wearer, we try to inject a little bit of 1950’s cool into every range that we do.

Our Postal Jacket takes inspiration directly from this era- a style worn by ‘50s icons such as James Dean. However, the style originates from ‘letter-carrier’ uniforms worn by postal service workers from as far back as the 1800s. We also like to think that we, as a business, have adopted a similar culture to those who first wore these jackets- providing a year-round service & good quality clothing that lasts- whatever the weather.

Our Postal Jacket is made from 100% water-resistant nylon and has a polyester lining. The logo-based print on both the left chest panel & the reverse is a nod to its origins, plus we were long over-due a jacket with a bold back-print.

We don’t think we’ll ever stop making the cool & durable pieces you guys ask for, we’re in it for the long haul.

Online 25th March 2022 4PM GMT