Our Toughest Climate Yet

Iceland 2020

We can all agree that in 2020 anything can happen- which is why we made the decision, that this year, we weren't going to play it safe. When choosing locations for our winter photoshoot we threw caution to the wind. This season has seen us create our warmest outerwear yet, so why not field-test it out in our coldest climate?

Iceland is a country that we have always wanted to shoot. Not only does the strong possibility of snow, this time of the year, make it the ideal backdrop for a winter range; but the extensive and almost surreal scenery compares to none. 

Due to current UK travel restrictions (at the time of publication) we were unable to make the trip ourselves and knew that it was our best option to reach out to the photographers that knew Iceland like the back of their hand to take on our project.

After numerous conversations & hours spent scouring Instagram, we came across our guys- Icelandic photographer Ivar Eythorsson and Iceland-based photographer & cinematographer Benjamin Hardman.

Third Time's a Charm

“When it came to the day of the shoot, it was a case of the third time's a charm. We had driven out on two previous occasions and were met with blinding sun and bright blue skies. In any other situation, conditions like these would have been the dream, but when the brief was to capture a moody winter's day; they weren’t ideal. So we held tight for a little longer and tried once more the following day, only to be graced with grey skies and light snow showers. 

“We left Reykjavik around noon and headed out to the Reykjanes Peninsula to make the most of the limited 4-5 hours of real daylight that Iceland has to offer during the winter months. We chose to shoot along the Peninsula as it has some of the most beautiful landscapes; which are just a 20-30 minute drive from Reykjavik where we are based.


“We made our first stop at Kleifarvatn- the largest lake on the Reykjanes Peninsula, which was a whiteout. It can be challenging to shoot in Iceland, not because it is hard to get the photo, but the unpredictable weather can make travel extremely difficult and in some cases dangerous. But you’ll soon realise that it’s just part of the adventure, and completely snowed-in lakes and icy roads make the best photos.

“Having stood amongst the snowy peaks for a while, we headed back to Benjamin’s Land Rover Defender, appreciative of the P&Co deck jackets & knitwear which held up well in the cold. We took to the coastal roads and drove past the icy-blue water towards the Reykjanes Lighthouse- stopping at a 2000-year-old lava field on the way before we reached our penultimate location- Valahnúkamöl.


“Valahnúkamöl is a picturesque cliffside next to the lighthouse, where we stood for a while to watch the waves hitting against the rock formations. Despite the sounds of the crashing waves, we found ourselves in a moment of calm- isolation (the good kind) amid a pandemic. It is moments like these where you realise how lucky we are to be surrounded by such natural beauty- something we often take for granted.


“We stuck to the coastal path and finished up on the black sands of Sandvik-  a real contrast to the tan of the waxed jacket & where we waited as the last bits of light slipped away. We turned the full beams of the Defender on and wrapped up the shoot against the dimly lit sea."