P&Co Art Dept.

Meet Anugrah Wayan (cmpt_rules)

As creatives, we are constantly inspired by other artists & designers who share that same need to create. Our Art Dept. Series allows us to collaborate with the best of the best- artists who resonate with us and our community. We dropped our first Art Dept. instalments featuring artwork designed by artists  Lukas Krol & Ill Wookie last year. And we’re beginning the new one with 4 custom t-shirts by illustrator Anugrah Wayan.

Our P&Co x Anugrah Wayan T-shirt range launches Tuesday 10th January at 4 PM GMT/8 AM PT.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi everyone, my name is Anugrah Wayan, I’m 25 years old and a full-time illustrator with a focus on branding & design. I was born in Bali, in a small town called Batuan. Batuan is the home of all kinds of art- from dance & traditional painting to sculpture & carving. I grew up surrounded by art with my uncle, a ceramic painting artist, and my father, a carver. I remember in elementary school, my teachers often bought my art for collection- I need to get them back for the archive! I’m sure the art styles & tastes I now have as a grownup all began with artistic habits at home.

I majored in multimedia at a vocational high school and became really interested in graphic design. My daily after-school activities were practising my hand-drawn on digital media (at that time I was still using the mouse in CorelDraw) to fill some time.

After graduating in 2015, I worked at a printing company in Bali as a graphic designer, and it was in 2018 that I decided to resign to become a freelancer. You could say I became an illustrator in 2016 because at that time my work had already been bought by a local brand.

What do you get up to in your spare time? Would you say this influences your work?

In my spare time, I spend a lot of time riding federal bikes, my vintage Vespa & hanging out with friends at coffee shops. Sharing stories with friends in different professions inspired me a lot, and from there I also came up with ideas for the collaboration.

What or who else inspires you?

I was hugely inspired by my uncle who was a ceramic painter, I really like the raw technique and colour palette he uses. I also get a lot of inspiration from vintage ‘70s designs, as well as vintage ephemera and matchbox labels. Other artists and illustrators that inspire me are Young Jerks, Alana Louise, Toyo Kiki, Neighbourhood studio and your two collaborative artists Ill Wookie & Lukas Krol.

Tell us a bit about the pieces you’ve designed for P&Co, do you have a favourite?

This is my second time creating artwork with P&Co, the first time was for The Self Isolation Colouring Book that was released during 2020, and now for the P&Co Art Dept. The artwork for this project is not far from what I like which is riding motorcycles & drawing animals. It’s so hard to choose a favourite because I love them all! It’s a difficult one, but I pick One for the Road. I like the colour combination and also the texture in each line.

Do you have any exciting projects or plans for the future?

This year I want a proper studio and team. It’s been a great start to the year because my collaboration with P&Co is coming out! One of my collaboration dreams has come true! In the future, I’d love to collaborate with more artists, brands, or anyone! I’m open to that!

Our P&Co x Anugrah Wayan T-shirt range launches Tuesday 10th January at 4 PM GMT/8 AM PT.

Online Tuesday 10th January 4PM GMT