1 Home Organic Cotton T-shirt

If you’ve been following our sustainable journey, you’ll know that we’re making small changes to lessen our impact on the planet, and as the brand continues to grow, so will the steps we make. With Earth Day just around the corner Friday 22nd April, we knew we had to do something big. As a team, we will be taking a day out of the office to take part in a UK beach clean, but we also wanted to get you guys involved and raise money for a charity that is making a big difference. 

At the start of January, we launched our #pandcoearthday photo competition where we asked our Instagram followers to upload a photo of a place, anywhere on the planet, that inspires them and makes them feel free, safe & calm. Somewhere they feel at home. We then chose our favourite images to feature on a run of limited t-shirts.

Just under 500 of you entered and from those we selected just 4 photos. The photos we selected were worked into a limited edition ‘1 Home’ design that will be screen-printed onto a mid-weight organic cotton t-shirt and sold on our website. All profits made from the sales of our Earth Day T-shirt will be donated to a chosen environmental charity. Keep an eye on our social channels for further announcements.

Our 1 Home Charity T-shirt will be online on the 22nd of April 2022.

Winner #1 @katiearaephoto

My inspiration for photography came from spending time in nature, the way it ebbs and flows together. Sitting and noticing colours, reflections, shadows, light and water has always fascinated me since a child. I would focus my eyes on the smaller details and always try to make something beautiful out of it.

The photo I captured was in Sri Lanka. It was my first day and I was so eager to jump into the ocean after a long sticky flight. I noticed the 3 palm trees and the spray of a big wave. The next wave came, I swam underneath the turbulence of it, trusty camera housing in hand, feet kicking hard. I launched out of the water from the force of the wave and took a deep breath before capturing the shot. 

 It's so important to care for our planet. I think immersing yourself in all its beauty really strikes a chord in wanting to do more and to feel inspired. There is always something to be done, whether it's donating to a charity, switching plastic for reusable or a simple 2 min beach clean can make a huge difference.

Winner #2 @lacasamira

The photograph was taken in the town of Deva, in the Spanish Basque Country, during my first solo road trip along the north coast. I was driving down a winding road with my old Volkswagen, and I remember this beautiful scenery unexpectedly appearing in front of me. I stopped right there and observed it for a good while. 

The sea waves sliding over the beach seemed to be in perfect harmony with the walking and scampering of all those tiny people on the sand as if they were connected in some way. It was such a simple and peaceful moment, but very meaningful at the same time.

I believe that we are in urgent need of achieving a more respectful, egalitarian and responsible society. Days like Earth Day are fundamental to raise awareness of the obstacles that are not aligned with this progress, like the climate emergency we are experiencing. But I think it should also serve to give voice and visibility to initiatives that can help us incorporate changes so that we can adopt more sustainable, conscious and ethical choices in our daily lives.

Winner #3 @ad__photography

This photograph was taken in a southern part of Norway, at a place called The World’s End or Verdens Ende in Norwegian. I’ve visited many times; but this time it was different. This time it was especially cold, especially windy and especially beautiful. My eyes were tearing either from the freezing wind or from the beauty I saw.

It was like a song of lights and shadows. The colours were fascinating: shades of blue, black and white. North as it is: harsh, strong and attractive. A man dies when he ceases to wonder about the world around him- a phrase that I held in my mind as a result of that trip to The World’s End. Never cease to wonder.

People tend to forget about days like Earth Day. Unfortunately, this often applies to the most important things in life. We forget that there is hope even in the darkest hours of our lives. And that we’ve been given one home. A home that we all must cherish so that we can pass it to our children and the generations to come. Love & peace, A.D.

Winner #4 @swen_exposure

My name is Swen, I was born and raised in Holland, but have been livin’ the life in Mallorca for the last 6 years. I picked up a camera about 4 years ago, and ever since I’ve been a freelance photographer for restaurants and made lifestyle photography my full-time hobby. I basically love to document everything that passes me by in life.

Cacti was shot on a Baja California Sur road trip. Whether you get in your car and drive up north, east, south or west- it doesn’t really matter, Baja is just a road trip paradise with endless roads along the coast, surrounded by the desert and mountains. Perfect to clear your mind and to be fully aware of them now.

Every day should be Earth and ocean day. It is our home/ playground and who actually likes to live in a dirty mess? Let’s all put in a bit more effort to keep our home healthy and clean so that it’s not just us who is able to enjoy it to the fullest, but also upcoming generations.