P&Co x BrewDog

P&Co x BrewDog

BrewDog is a brand, that like our own, started small & doing things by hand. We share a strong sense of community, a drive to better our sustainable journey & a creative attitude that we carry through into all we do.

Like BrewDog, P&Co is a brand that is best paired with good company - creating memories on the road less travelled or just getting together and enjoying a good beer.

It’s fair to say that they’ve mastered their trade, and we think we’re pretty good at ours too, so when we were given the opportunity to collaborate on 3 P&Co x BrewDog T-shirts, plus a P&Co-inspired beer, we couldn’t say no.

We flew to Aberdeen at the beginning of August for our first face-to-face meeting with the BrewDog marketing & product team. It was great to see behind the scenes at BrewDog HQ, and we were lucky enough to be given a tour around their state-of-the-art Ellon brewery. It was unreal to see the sheer scale of the place, but also a great opportunity to see the work culture & brand messaging around the site for ourselves.

We also met JK the Head Brewer at BrewDog who showed us around, shared stories & told us some really interesting facts about the whole beer-making process. We honestly couldn't have met anyone more passionate about their job, or a nicer guy for that matter!

The Collection

Before we began the ideation process, we did some research & went back to the roots of the BrewDog brand. The word that came up time and time again was punk. Not only is it the name of one of their best-selling beers- Punk IPA, but the whole punk movement was a clear early influence; from the disruptive marketing to the small start-up mentality. 

We kept this word in mind- breaking it down further & finding keywords that we felt resonated with both brands. 3 words made the final cut- Tropical Squeeze, Long Haul Lager & Easy Breezy- a take on our best-selling Slow Sundays t-shirt. Each hand-drawn design will be screen-printed onto organic cotton t-shirts- something we both felt was important for this collaboration and will be part of an exclusive collection consisting of an additional 2 caps.

Available on both websites from 20th December 2022.

Collaborating with BrewDog, we couldn’t not do a beer- and whilst we loved all 3 of the design, Tropical Squeeze was a clear favourite for the can artwork.

We started designing during the summer months and quickly realised that it was having an influence on our graphics. As we were planning to launch later in the year, we questioned if this would be an issue, but with punk at the forefront of our minds, we decided to run with it. After all, if P&Co was a season it would definitely be summer.

Summer is a mentality and we want to squeeze every last bit out of it.

Tropical Squeeze is a summer-inspired beer, going against the norm & launching in the depths of winter. It fulfils a need for escapism & rebellion during what is a heavily marketed & tradition-led time of the year.

Available to purchase from BrewDog from 20th December 2022.