One For The Road
Road Trips

Our Spring Summer Collection ‘One for the road' is based on that feeling of freedom & the escapism that comes being out on the road. We reached out to 4 photographers & asked them to gather their friends, jump in the van and set out on a road trip. Each photographer documented each step of the journey with their camera & made note of every memorable moment & location.

Get out, travel & make memories with whatever time & mode of transport you have. Experience life one road at a time.
Road Trip with LexcelloRoad Trip #1 Alexandra Adoncello (@lexcello)

“We travelled from the northern beaches of Sydney to the Stockton sand dunes in Newcastle. We took the scenic route around Galston Gorge & then via the Pacific motorway.”
Road Trip with Lexcello across austrialia
Road Trip with Lexcello in North Sydney
Road Trip with Lexcello in Australia

“We took ‘Django’ the Defender, strapped the Hilts Mutt on the back, packed a few bags with the essentials: a coffee pot, a trusty leatherman, a portable stove & fishing rods, got together my girlfriend, brother & a few friends.”
Road Trip in Australia
Travelling across australia
Travelling across australia with a Land rover
Road Trip in Australia
Wild camping in australia
Wild camping in australia, camping trip
Travelling to stockton, AU Travelling across australia in a landrover Travelling across AU
Travelling across AU in a landrover

“We were bound for a place that was salty, sandy and looked like the moon.”
Travelling across australia
Land rover wild camping
land rover travelling tent
Travelling across australia
Travelling across australia urban
Travelling across australia while wild camping

“As the sun set, the sky gave off an apricot hue- the perfect backdrop to get wild on the dunes, on both 2 wheels & 4.
Travelling across australia, wild campingTravelling in australia
Travelling AU in a land rover
Travelling australia with a bike and car
Travelling AU with a land rover
Travel across australia
Travel across australia while wild camping

“We soaked up every last bit of sun before we set up camp on the sand & built a fire- which we all huddled around wine in hand. We were sharing stories & laughs and were deep in conversation, when the sighting of a shooting star brought a stellar end to the night.”