Whilst we may not be tattoo artists we’re suckers for custom design and all things ink! Therefore we have decided to open our very own ‘Print Shop’- introducing a selection of our baddest flash-sheet inspired designs, available as A3 artwork prints.


The P&Co creative team are constantly scribbling away and working on new designs and graphics (we’ve built up quite an archive!), and whilst some don’t always make it onto the back of a t-shirt we all know they're too f*cking good to get lost in the back of a drawer!


Alongside our best-selling ‘Bad Vibes’ prints and the recently launched ‘Ride or Die’ sticker packs we have added 3 new pieces of artwork to our inventory: ‘Provision Tiger’, ‘Rider’ and ‘Life Sucks’. All 4 prints and stickers meet the wild standard- whether you’re into traditional tattoo styles, bikes or erm boobs…


If, like us, you think every blank canvas needs filling come on in and pick up a print or two (or 4), and turn your living and work spaces into a tattoo studio! As for the stickers, well they can go anywhere can't they?