Think Free Charity T-shirt



As we ease into 2021, we are all glad to see the back of 2020 & had hoped that we would be waving goodbye to the worst of the pandemic; and therefore our worries, anxieties and fears. If you allow it, it can feel like 2020 is just lingering on and refusing to let go- but we didn’t want to fall into that trap. We wanted to kick-start the year with a good cause and reflect on what has been, for many, their most challenging year.

The Think Free Charity T-shirt & Pin

We have decided to launch a small run of unisex t-shirts that feature a hand-drawn design created by Lee, our Creative Director, following the announcement of the latest national lockdown. 

Each of us has been affected by mental health in one way or another, so we knew we wanted to not only create awareness with this product but also raise some money for a mental health charity.


For every Think Free T-shirt that we sell, we will donate £10 to a charity that supports those suffering with their mental health and campaigns to improve services & promote understanding. Each t-shirt also comes with a free enamel pin with the same flower pin in hopes of spreading further awareness.

We do have a limited number of these t-shirts available, so know that if you do get your hands on one you will not only have a rare P&Co, but you will be supporting an amazing cause.


A message from our CD Lee Timms

“Mental health is something that sits very close to my heart so it is something, especially during these difficult times, that I wanted to raise awareness for.

In 2019 I personally went through what was a very dark patch. Life was changing all around me- while I had devoted my own life to work, I had alienated myself from close friends and family; and had lost all balance. I didn’t know who I was or even who I wanted to be.

I found myself in a huge hole that I was struggling to get out of, and I’d reached complete burnout with work and the brand. This resulted in me needing to have half a year out of the brand to focus on my own mental health and to try to realign what was important in my life. During this time I would regularly journal, taking note of the things I was grateful for, in an attempt to practice mindfulness.

I think, as creative people, we often cast our biggest shadows of self-doubt, and constantly question how good we really are. How can I keep pushing, have I reached my limit? Etc. During these journaling sessions, I wrote down a phrase; ‘Think Free. Live Free.’ Most people now know this as P&Co's tagline, however, it did not start out this way.

Think free, live free was initially a self-mantra to help me keep on track. If I pushed myself to think free I could make a balance with myself, and create my own personal freedom, well-being and self-worth. It was only once I felt better about my own state of mind, that it became a phrase for the brand. As I’m writing this now, there are still people in my life who don’t know that.

Ultimately I realised that I was not only grateful for my family, friends & loved ones, but I wad also grateful for being creative and in turn- the brand. Thinking free has given me an incredible opportunity and outlet for my work and creative thoughts.

I still struggle with my mental health- which given the year we’ve all had is only normal, but as the t-shirt references, we are all still growing. 

I really want to raise awareness for people struggling, not only during this period of time but for people who struggle with their mental health in general. Please look out for one another and be kind, it’s free. Put good into the world and good will come back to you.

Stay safe & think free.”- Lee.


Mental Health Charities

If you wish to make a separate donation or you are struggling with your own mental health, please check out the links to a number of mental health charities below, or alternatively look for services operating in your local area. There is always someone who will be there to listen, so never suffer in silence!