1. School For Scandal (Manchester, UK)

If you’re in Manchester, the newly opened ‘School For Scandal’ is one place you should visit. If not for the Sunday roasts (they’re good) or the espresso martinis, then for their collection of tattoo-inspired artwork prints & old-school flash style menus- featuring quotes such as ‘pick your poison’ and ‘bite the bullet’.

Drop by on a Sunday for their weekly ‘Sunday Sessions’ and catch live performances from local musicians.

2. Shelter Pizza (Williamsburg, US)

Located in New York City, Shelter looks like a Ski Lodge crossed with an underground whiskey bar. This is the place to come if you want to escape the cold- with fur lined stools, the warmth of the stone pizza ovens & log burners. Offering freshly baked pizzas & roast pork sandwiches, its rustic vibe is the ideal spot to hangout with good company.

3. Jane Motorcycles (Brooklyn, US)

The guys of Jane Motorcycles, located in an insanely cool back-end area of Brooklyn, NY, have fused together a motorcycle workshop, retail store and a coffee hangout together to create a unique space (that they gutted and rebuilt themselves) for caffeine & gasoline addicts alike. It’s hard to leave this place without picking up a few pieces (we found out the hard way); and they also offer a free espresso with the purchase of every motorcycle.

4. Hash Speciality Coffee & Roasters (Melbourne, Australia)

Some may say this place is a bit on the ‘ hipster' side; what with their experimental presentation, melting candy floss concoctions & edible flowers, but as you already know we like our coffee here at P&Co, and they’re doing it right. If you’re in the area drop in for a cup of what has been voted ‘Melbourne’s Best Coffee’.

5. Lucky Wheels Garage & Coffee

If you’re a custom builder and love coffee, then this is the spot for you. The ‘Do-it-yourself’ motorcycle garage provides space and equipment for you to work on motorcycle-related projects while enjoying a cuppa joe!

Pick up an espresso from the coffee cart and stay greasy.