We were in London last week and finally paid Vagabond Tattoo Studio a visit!  Nestled on the Hackney Road, they stand for all things badass and share a lot of P&Co's chief interests.  The studio was set up 4 years ago by tattooist Paul & graphic designer Rebecca.  The Vagabond family has now reached 5 resident tattooists, and regularly hosts guests from around the globe! 

The showpiece of the studio is without doubt Paul's custom-build, which sits in pride of place in the window alongside reading materials from Iron & Resin et al; although every corner houses interesting objects that clearly have a story to tell.  The artists aprons also caught our eye, and to our delight we discovered they were crafted by Dawson Denim - UK based denim duo.  We got some shots (of course!) while we were there, so take a look!

Vagabond Website

Vagabond Instagram