Whilst here in the UK we're reaching for our Winter coats, in Bali, Indonesia it's still very much t-shirt weather; and there really isn't a much better location for our graphic tees than the stretches of beach, jungles & waterfalls.

We reached out to friend & photographer Brad Longworth as he spent his last few days in Bali before he moves onto his next adventure in Auckland, NZ. He got together a few mates, rented a couple of bikes and headed out at 4 am to explore.

Keep scrolling to see his favourite Bali hangouts. KINTAMAN/ MT. BATUR: THE ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND The first spot we hit for sunrise were the dusty 'black lava fields' at the bottom of an active volcano; Mt. Batur. This place is only accessible on dirt bikes, 4X4s or a very long walk which means it's usually pretty deserted- especially at 6 am. It's essentially a huge playground for bikes and trucks, with plenty of jumps, challenging climbs & an ungodly amount of volcanic dust to kick up. Riding here at sunrise created awesome eery vibes, and it honestly felt like we were riding on Mars or something.

By far my best spot to ride in Bali... NUNGNUNG WATERFALL This is one of Bali's biggest and most powerful waterfalls, which sadly means it is also one of the most popular sights for tourists & the typical 'Bali babe' influencers. However it's also a bit of a hike down to it, so if you time it right, you can get a little quiet spell & enjoy it with only a few people around.

I've probably been here about 10 times and it really never gets old. It's such a cool spot, buried 300 steps deep into thick green jungle with multiple smaller waterfalls on the way down. We had some problems with the bikes (a snapped exhaust on one & broken fork seals on the other), so we arrived a little later than planned and got absolutely destroyed by the 32 degree mid-day heat when walking back up the steps, but it was worth it. BLACK SAND BEACHES What's better than watching the sunset at the beach with a few buddies? Well sliding around the beach with some custom motorcycles would be my answer. This is luckily only a 30 minute ride from my house, so I often find myself cruising along the beach here with a few mates during that nice golden light.

We decided that after such a long day we'd build a bonfire and have a few beers whilst we watched the sunset, but of course, in good old Bali fashion, the only shopkeeper nearby didn't turn up for work this day, so sadly we didn't have any beers & just had to enjoy it for what it was. For me, it was still one of those 'pinch yourself' moments having been lucky enough to call this place home for the last 9 months.

I'm gonna miss this place! Photographer: @bradlongworth
Models: @shauniva + @nikita_nebesny

Last season was all about being on the road; Autumn has arrived & we're stepping into the wild.

We want to encourage you guys to take on new terrains, discover new routes & make unforgettable memories, so we're featuring the places & the people who are out there living our Wild Days mantra.

Don't wait for the warmer seasons, pack up, layer up & venture down the unknown path.

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