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Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Michelle, skate & surf &co

P&Co:We saw whilst out on the shoot that you have a tattoo of a surfboard and the word ‘DAD’ underneath, is it your dad that influenced your love of surf culture?

Michelle:I love that you guys noticed my surfboard tattoo ! My dad is and was one of the biggest influences in my life when it came to my love of surf culture. My dad's biggest passion in life has been surfing and I definitely believe it has rubbed off on me. I feel pretty lucky to have had a dad as cool as him. I actually got this tattoo while on a surf trip with my dad in Bali for his birthday, he was pretty stoked on it.

P&Co:When did you first hit the waves for yourself?

Michelle:The first time I hit the waves for myself was when I got a little older and was able to feel more comfortable in the ocean. I remember being pretty scared, but it kind of came naturally as if I have done this before. I am not sure if I got this familiar feeling because of watching my dad surf my whole life, or if I used to be a surfer in a past life but I do know that I was able to pick it up pretty quickly !

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Michelle, skate & surf &co

P&Co:Talking of boards, we know that you skate too- would you say the transition from surf to skate (and vice versa) is quite a natural one?

Michelle:The transition between surfing and skating can be natural but also kind of difficult in the sense that your using different elements to get moving. They both require a good sense of balance, and you have to feel comfortable with being on a board and positioning yourself right in order to get the right balance while in motion. However when your surfing you have to depend on nature, aka the wave, to get you going and you have to learn how to ride with it. Where as skating your on solid ground, and you have to do most of the work if you want to get going. Once you kind of get it down though you can feel how your stature while skating is similar to surfing and vice versa. I feel like if you can get one of those down, the other will come a little easier.

P&Co:If you had to choose would you rather give up your surfboard or your deck?

Michelle:Oh boy, if I had to choose between my skateboard, and my surfboard I would probably choose my skateboard. Simply because my skateboard can get me farther on land and take me more places, where as my surfboard can only be used in one place and one place only, in the water. With my skate, I can fit it almost anywhere, take it anywhere, and be able to ride anywhere as long as there is concrete !

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Michelle, skate & surf &co

P&Co:We noticed that you captioned one of your photos with “Inspired by the fear of being average”. Now, we really dig this mentality. Is it mantras like this that really drive you in life?

Michelle:Mantras like that are exactly what drive me in life. Coming from a somewhat small beach town, where it's easy to blend in and become a part of the crowd, I have always felt it important to be my own person and to never settle for being average. I always struggled to fit in, and I always felt it was because I was never satisfied with following a crowd, I have always danced to the beat of my own drum. This has followed me through out life and has shaped me to be the person I am today.

P&Co:Where do you spend most of your time?

Michelle:Since it is now summer here in beautiful California, I have been spending almost all of my time at the beach. I feel like my whole day revolves around what time I am going to be able to head down to the beach, and since I live and work so close its pretty nice because I am basically down by the ocean every day. I sure can't complain !

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Michelle, skate & surf &co

P&Co:Is it that same ‘live life to the fullest’ attitude that fuels you to travel also?

Michelle:The "live life to the fullest" attitude is definitely what fuels my love and motivation for traveling. I always felt like school, and work will always be there for you but you are only young once, and the best time to travel is when your young and can endure crazy adventures. You never know whats going to happen in life, and being able to experience what its like in other parts of the world is so important, because thats the only way you will ever understand culture, and how amazing our world is. It really opens your eyes and your mind, and I think traveling when your young can be a great learning experience and everyone should make it a point to leave the country and indulge in other cultures. I encourage everyone to go traveling because it is never too late or too early in life...BUY THAT PLANE TICKET AND GO !!!

P&Co:How did you feel to be asked to be part of our ‘Whatever Moves You’ campaign?

Michelle:When I got asked to be a part of this campaign I was so stoked ! Especially because like I have mentioned before I have always struggled to fit in, so when I find other people who are into the same things as me, and who share similar passions as me I am quick to jump in and be a part of it. Its a great feeling to be a part of something that is able to embrace everything I love in life like skating, surfing, and riding.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Michelle, skate & surf &co

P&Co:And what do you think of the new collection?

Michelle:I feel like the new collection was made for me honestly. It is so on point with my personal style. I have always been the girl who steals their boyfriends clothes or who shops in the mens department because I feel like a lot of brands have a hard time styling their female clothes to girls who don't fit in to the girly girl look. It appeals to my rebel / tomboy side while still having that touch of feminine style, which is exactly what I look for.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Michelle, skate & surf &co

P&Co:So you surf and skate, when’re you gonna start riding?

Michelle:I'm gonna start riding as soon as I find a bike that I don't care about crashing hahahah, because I know as soon as I get on that bike and start riding that thing is going to be destroyed!! Until than I guess I'm stuck sitting on the back of the bike which is not nearly as fun.


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