Our women's Autumn capsule collection was built to be lived in & built with you in mind. Without you guys out there embracing your differences and living free we wouldn't have found the inspiration to create what is just the beginning of P&Co womenswear.

It's time to feature you.

Meet the women who are doing what they love & not what they're told.

#BuiltByYou #pandcowomen

Skateboarder, LA/NY
"Don't hold back, just do what you love, try new things & see where it takes you".

Meet Briana

Rider, London UK
"Being free to me means having an outlet outside of your normal working day that allows you to meet new people, explore new places, and for me that's riding".

Meet Annelise

Artist, Sydney
"I wasn't encouraged by my teachers at school to become an artist. I guess the inner anarchist in me wanted to prove them wrong, and boy did I!".

Meet Ginger

DJ/ Presenter, London UK
"You should do what you love because life is too short to do anything else. I get to share my passion for music at work which is a dream situation".

Meet Georgie

Artist, Somerset UK
"Doing what I love has helped me to be creative, use my imagination & express myself freely".

Meet Jet

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Shout out to Josh Carroll, Joel Verges, Lucia Braham & Adam Mane for the video & photography!