As the days continue to get colder and the nights become even longer it is tempting to retreat to the safety of the indoors and the warmth of the open fire. As ‘nice’ as that sounds right now, we’re not ones to let the weather dominate what we do in our spare time; therefore we have put together a list of our top picks to get you Autumn ready.
We’re riding into Autumn at full throttle.




1. Nikka ‘From the Barrel’ Blended Whisky

What better way to warm the soul than with a glass or two of good whisky- and this award winning Japanese blend will definitely do that! The blending process of ‘From the Barrel’ takes place in oak casks, opposed to large steel tanks more commonly used; delivering a richer and more bold character. We don’t want to bore you with all that notes and palettes rubbish, but we do suggest adding a drop of water to get the full effect! (Nikka ‘From the Barrel analysis)





2. P&Co Death Before Decaf Enamel Mug

 Our best selling enamel mug is an absolute essential for those all important coffee (or whisky) re-fuels and Autumn nights around the campfire.





3. Red Wing Heritage Buck Skin Leather Gloves

We can honestly say these are some of the most comfortable gloves we’ve tried; and they only get better with age. The guys over at Red Wing recommend picking up a size smaller as the leather does stretch over time- creating the perfect fit. They come in 4 different colours (we went for ‘Nutmeg’) and are perfect for urban settings and shorter city rides.




4. Nexx Devon XG100 Helmet (Black/Gold)

Part of the X-Garage collection- a collaboration collection from Nexx and Portuguese based bike builders Maria Riding company this is definitely our new favourite helmet. The Devon style is a highly sought after and stylish piece- and this helmet combines the old school style with modern safety elements. We’re big fans of the black/gold colour way- it looks epic on a bike and with a certain P&CO tee.







Ok, so technically this is two pairs of boots but we couldn’t choose. It was hard to even narrow it down to these two. They’re timeless, they’re classic and tough as fuck. Just Redwings.




6.  P&CO Skull & Arrows Hoodie

 We’ve borrowed the name from one of our classic (and one of your favourite) tees and re-worked it for our ‘Ride or Die’ Collection. We all have a hoodie here in P&CO HQ, and they rarely come off…


7. P&Co Live Fast Bandana

The 'Live Fast' Bandana is our latest bandana from the 'Ride or Die' collection. Tie it around your neck or pull it up over your face for when you need a little protection for those blustery Autumn rides.





8. Triumph & Disaster ‘Game Face’ Moisturiser

If your face (hands, or whatever the elements have had exposure to) still takes a hit from the colder weather then don’t stress cause’ Triumph & Disasters ‘Game Face’ Moisturiser will rescue your poor chapped skin! It is light and easily absorbed, so it won’t leave you feeling oily! And it smells pretty manly too (smoke/wood)!