Transitional City Styling

Menswear Essentials

Brooklyn, New York 2021

After years of shooting around LA & Palm Springs, we decided that this year we would take our spring collection to the East Coast. We teamed up with Brooklyn-based Photographer @atticusradley & influencer @jeromeparkerr who styled & shot some of our key pieces from the range.

The New York lifestyle is definitely a contrast to the that of the laid-back & slower-paced West Coast, but it is a city filled with creatives, big ideas & good coffee. It is a city that, while bigger in scale, holds a similar way of life to our own & the people we make clothes for.

Pieces for Now & Forever

Transitional Layering for City Living

What we imagine the start of spring to be and the reality of what it is, for the majority of us, is very different. When the shoot took place, at the end of February New York was one day out of a snow storm...

Knowing how to dress in a city environment during the transitional winter-spring period can be difficult. As you leave the house in the morning the air is cold and the skies are grey, then come mid-day- the sun’s out, and you’re stuck in a wooly jumper fighting the lunchtime hustle & bustle. 

With our most recent collections we have done our best to curate ranges that are not just seasonal, but that incorporate a mixture of weights, fabrics and muted colours that you can layer up for the morning coffee-run, but lose as the weather changes or the day gets started.

1. Fatigue Overshirt- Ripstop Olive, Pull-Over Hoodie- Grey Melange, Watch Cap Beanie- Grey.
Tour Jacket- Stone, Trouble In Paradise Slub T-shirt
3. Superior Quality Sweatshirt- Navy, 304 Service Fatigues- Sand.
4. Paradise Sway Shirt- Grey (Coming March 30th), 3
04 Service Fatigues- Sand.