One For the Road
'24 Frames'

We sent a bunch of our friends a box containing Lomography (@lomography) disposable film camera, a notebook & a P&CO tee, and asked them to go out on a trip & capture what FREEDOM means to them within ’24 Frames'. They then sent the cameras back to us, we got them developed and selected our favourite shots.

Unforgettable Moments, Unfiltered Memories.

Here're musicians, Sierra + Jon's 24 Frames:

"Our short story begins with a micro mellotron, a guitar and a crowd of almost 1400. This was 1 of 4 shows we have on Vancouver Island. We've played many times in Victoria, BC- our hometown- but never in this sexy beast of a venue". "One necessity of a road trip is a good beginning and an even better ending. So with the former checked off the list, we turned in for the night, with our bags almost packed, and with nothing in mind but the miles of highway ahead".



"We checked into our hotel on the riverside, did some napping & writing in the breeze, had a beer in the green room & prepared or set". "We were hoping to spend some time at this place called Myra Falls before zipping over to Nanaimo for soundcheck. It was gonna be a bit of a mission & time wasn't on our side. So we had a little fight that ended with 'fuck it, this is freedom', and off we went, 3 hours out of our way. Our only regret was not stopping for beer, but the falls filled us with whatever was lacking".

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Shout out to @lomography for sending us the camera's so we could make this campaign happen! See why we chose the single use disposable camera.