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French Terry Loopback

What Is French Terry Loopback?

Following the launch of our new pull-over hoodies & sweatshirts, we’ve been throwing the term ‘loopback’ around left, right and centre. But what actually is loopback fabric, and what are benefits of using it?


Loopback or French Terry, as it more commonly referred to, originated from ‘Terry Cloth’, a soft yet durable material characterised by the 2 sets of knitted loops on either side of the fabric. The combination of the loose and tight cotton threads create a highly absorbent pile, making it a popular choice for towelling, and later sportswear.

The French Terry that we’re more familiar with today is a stretch version of Terry Cloth. The outer surface is much smoother creating a more wearable and comfortable fabric, yet the reverse, or inside uses the same double-looped technique as the original Terry Cloth for both absorbency & durability- hence the term loopback.


Why We Chose to Use It

We feel that is our responsibility to make pieces for the long-haul, which is one of the main reasons why we chose a durable yet breathable fabric such as French Terry for our essentials. We wanted to create your new go-to, something that will hold up in all your daily endeavours- whether it is being worn solo around the home, or as an extra layer of warmth when out in the winter months. 

Another benefit of French Terry is the easy-care nature of the loopback, it requires little ironing and won’t lose its shape when air-dried. 



French Terry fabric really has stood the test of time. From its origins in sportswear, the loopback process has remained, on a whole, the same and we think that’s something worth noting.

Not only are we big fans of the old-school aesthetic, but it’s no secret that the old fashioned ways of doing things are often the best.