Discovering the P&Co Archives

We recently took a trip down memory lane & stumbled upon a box filled with archive t-shirts and jackets from the early days of our brand. We were surprised to see how much we've grown and evolved over the years, but it was also good to look back at where it all started.

Our early designs were full of experimentation and a raw, unpolished feel that captured the essence of our brand. We drew inspiration from military uniforms, workwear, and vintage Americana, and our graphics reflected that. Our designs were organic, with little to no digitisation, and every texture was handcrafted.

One of our first t-shirt designs was Skulls & Arrows, which is now almost a decade old. It started as a simple notebook design that we thought would look great on a t-shirt. This design marked the beginning of our journey and set the tone for the brand.

As we continued to experiment with different designs, we began to refine our style and create more polished products. Our jackets became more structured and tailored, with a focus on high-quality materials and attention to detail. We continued to draw inspiration from military uniforms, workwear, and vintage Americana, but took it to the next level.

With the launch of the Lost Cause collection in 2018, we felt like we had found our stride. The collection was the first fully custom range that we had produced, and we paid attention to every detail. We used authentic military green fabric, high-quality embroidery, and antique brass finishings to create standout pieces that represented a turning point for the brand.

Looking back at our archives, we're proud of where we started and how far we've come. Our early designs were full of character and grit, and they helped shape the P&Co brand into what it is today. As we've evolved and grown, we've maintained the same commitment to quality and attention to detail that we had from the beginning.

Our Reimagined Classics collection is a celebration of our journey so far. We've taken our old designs and given them a fresh new look with contemporary finishes. We've paid attention to every detail, from the fit and fabric to the printing techniques and labelling. We believe that these classic graphic tees are just as relevant today as they were a decade ago.

We're excited about the future of P&Co and what lies ahead. We're committed to creating high-quality products that capture the essence of our brand, and we can't wait to see where our journey takes us next.