Freedom Through Creativity

Emma Senti Artist Feature

As part of our 'Freedom Through Creativity Campaign', we spoke to painter Emma Senti. We came across Emma (@aimable_atelier) on Instagram a while back. We were instantly drawn to her use of earthy tones & clean lines- details that really reflected our own collection. There is a clear style & story told in her work, something that we wanted to know more about. ​ ​

P&Co: Introduce yourself!

My name is Emma, I am 25 and I’m a painter. I come from Pau, a quiet little town in the south-west of France & where I now live & work. I am trained in art direction but I am now starting to make a living from my true passion which is illustration and painting.

There's something really unique about your work, how would you describe your style?

My work is above all poetic. I would say that it is a dialogue, firstly between me and my future, but also between the protagonists present in my painted scenes. Very figurative, soft, feline with a touch of surrealism.

Painting these scenes is a way for me to reassure myself and to transcribe what I feel. I call them waiting scenes. Waiting for what? I’m not sure, that’s what I’m looking for in these paintings.

Talk us through your process.

Felines remain one of the recurring elements in my paintings. What I create depends on the moment and how I have spent that day. I always start with a sketch, with any medium, and from there I decide on what format and what other mediums I will use to bring the scene to life.

I paint a lot, especially in acrylics! When I started out, I only did black and white, I was afraid of colour! Now I never do without them and use a lot of warm and natural shades. Recently, I’ve also started to experiment with Indian ink.

P&Co: Is there anything or anyone in particular that inspires your work?

Emma: I started painting in 2018, after an internship in Biarritz. I had the chance to spend time with the artist- Madi (@________madi______), and see first-hand the universe in which she operates. I think she’s the one who really inspires me! Other artists, designers, photographers, series, and even architecture inspires me. I try to look for creativity everywhere.

P&Co: Do you have any favourite pieces or projects you’ve worked on?

Emma: I sometimes take custom orders, and I once created the birth announcement for a lady. It really touches me that people can find their own representation, their own emotions and can relate to my work; I like the fact they trust me enough to be the interpreter of their desires & feelings. Emotionally, that was my favourite part. Other than that I painted a mural in Marion’s (@fringeandfrange) beautiful home, and I really do like to see my work match so well with the decor and the identity of a house.

P&Co: Finally, how do you find freedom through creativity?

It’s well known that painting is an outlet. All the more so when I paint these scenes, when the cats become lookouts. Guardians. Through the arches & windows I look & imagine things; it allows me to get out of this tiny workshop for the day. 

Creativity is an incredible means of expression. I know I only mention painting, but I really appreciate having it as an escape. I feel free to be myself & the real me (maybe that’s the freedom I seek, right?). I also see it as a way to surpass myself & constantly seek to do better & bigger! It’s satisfying, this is a great adventure!