One For the Road
'24 Frames'

We sent a bunch of our friends a box containing Lomography (@lomography) disposable film camera, a notebook & a P&CO tee, and asked them to go out on a trip & capture what FREEDOM means to them within ’24 Frames'. They then sent the cameras back to us, we got them developed and selected our favourite shots.

Unforgettable Moments, Unfiltered Memories.

Here're designers, Erik & Sarah's 24 Frames:

(@mrpixelhead @ohhappydaily)
"Working the city grind, it's nice to have a light at the end of the tunnel & get away for the weekend. My wife Sarah & I crave life on life on the open road, and we're thankful to live in a place like San Francisco where you can find a lot of destination option just over the bridges". "First stop: The monumental Mt. Tamalpais. With the Pacific Ocean to the right & the sprawling bay area to the left, it's easy to get distracted by the scenery, but the roads treacherous drops could quickly end your joyride. So eyes ahead and twist throttle! What felt like a thousand curves later we found ourselves back down on the iconic PCH 1 & pushed further North to Point Reyes station for a quick fuel up before we continued."



"We hit the town of Bodega next. The town we'd pointed our bikes towards all day. Our camp spot was located on an increasingly dark dark, over grown, single lane road. Finally our headlights caught sight of the gate, and we pulled in & rolled up to a small grove of Redwood trees, where we crashed for the night." "As the lights dwindled once more, & we accelerated towards the city of Petaluma, where we caught up with some good friends & watched a different breed of speed machine race atop Petaluma's hallowed oval track- sprint car racing!"

"Freedom is being able to change the song in your playlist, choose which direction to turn to, stop when you want to take in the view, and crank on the throttle when you want to feel the thrill. Freedom no matter where you are or how you get there, is all about being one for the road".

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Shout out to @lomography for sending us the camera's so we could make this campaign happen! See why we chose the single use disposable camera.