One For the Road
'24 Frames'

Waiting for the prints from our recent Summer trip we were reminded of the excitement of getting film developed & left inspired to take more time away from the digital world & spend more time out in the wild capturing memories. And we want to encourage you guys to do the same.

So we sent a bunch of our friends a box containing Lomography (@lomography) disposable film camera, a notebook & a P&CO tee.

The brief- to go out & capture what FREEDOM means to them in ’24 Frames'. "Unforgettable Moments, Unfiltered Memories.'.

Musicians, Canada

"We woke up in a tiny paradise, drank some good coffee out on the deck & worked on music until the heat overrode our attention".
Check out their full 24 Frames

Photographer, Biarritz France

"she's from '68 & didn't want to start again as soon as it got too hot" Check out their full 24 Frames

@mrpixelhead @ohhappydaily
Designers, San Francisco

"Freedom is being able to change the song in your playlist, choose which direction to turn to & crank on the throttle when you want to feel the thrill". Check out their full 24 Frames

@_volchara @ninteendo
Tattoo Artists, Thailand

"Young, wild & free" Check out their full 24 Frames