One For the Road
'24 Frames'

We sent a bunch of our friends a box containing Lomography (@lomography) disposable film camera, a notebook & a P&CO tee, and asked them to go out on a trip & capture what FREEDOM means to them within ’24 Frames'. They then sent the cameras back to us, we got them developed and selected our favourite shots.

Unforgettable Moments, Unfiltered Memories.

Here're photographer Vince's 24 Frames:

"Start first with a coffee!"



"We took the country route to the garage where we caught up with my lil bro Ben Gea, then headed back out onto the road with Ben, his girlfriend Mae and the 912 #Lovers.

"Of course we struggled with the car. She's a '68 & didn't want to start again in the heat. Need to get it fixed! After a nice little cruise we started on the beers then headed back to the garage to fix her up".

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Shout out to @lomography for sending us the camera's so we could make this campaign happen! See why we chose the single use disposable camera.