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Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Zac Herdman, Rider &Co

P&Co: What was it that first drew you to motorcycles, was there anything or anyone that influenced you?

Zac: From a young age I'd always been interested in bikes. From riding pit bikes around the park, to jumping on my mates' crossers and 'attempting' some motocross up to the point I was able to get my licence! My dad always had old Italian scooters, and wanted a Harley but could never afford one so I guess that's what pushed me in that direction!

P&Co: And what is it about choppers?

Zac: I first had a newer Harley Sportster, and from riding that I met some people locally that built and rode choppers. I liked the style, the individuality of the builds and the nostalgia & history behind them.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Zac Herdman, Rider &Co

P&Co: Are you working on any builds at the moment?

Zac: Yes I am currently just finishing up painting a 1977 shovelhead chopper that I happened to end up buying and building with no plans of doing so, I think it'll be a nice one! I've also just picked up a 75 Harley AMF SS 250 as nothing but a pile of rusty metal, that'll be a very slow build but a fun one to say the least!

P&Co: Group rides or riding solo?

Zac: Groups are good, however they can be tedious and more hassle than it's worth. I have the odd few friends that we ride in a 3/4 and we know how each other ride and everything feels good when we ride together. Any more than that and it becomes a cat-herding exercise haha.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Zac Herdman, Rider &Co

P&Co: We see you out attending load of motorcycle events and shows, have you got anything coming up we should know about?

Zac: The 2 best UK shows are still to come; the Hook Up in South Wales & the Assembly Chopper Show in London!If you haven’t heard of them, you should check them out. A new one, the South West Chopper Fest, should be fun too.

P&Co: What do you get up to when you’re not riding?

Zac: I work, I work and I work. Without my work I wouldn't be able to live the lifestyle I do!

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Zac Herdman, Rider &Co

P&Co: When did you first come across P&Co?

Zac: It must have been years ago now! Probably through Instagram! I spotted a great looking company, to then realise we lived down the road from each other! And things grew from there.

P&Co: What do you think of the few pieces we sent you from our ‘5 Years Wild’ collection?

Zac: The new collection is awesome. Exactly the type of clothes I wear anyway! Great quality denim and an awesome vintage racing inspired top! Great stuff.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Zac Herdman, Rider &Co

P&Co: When can we meet your dog?

Zac: The dog is always happy to meet new people! Currently working on getting a puppy too in the not so distant future so we will have to stop by the office and hang out.

Provisions & Co (P&Co) - Zac Herdman, Rider &Co